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Should You Take a Winter Break?

Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Homeschool | 0 comments

Should You Take a Winter Break?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for many homeschoolers. The excitement of fun outside weather, Christmas crafts, Advent readings, and snuggling by the fire for the Christmas movie marathons begin to beckon us far (far) away from our homeschool books.

Should You Take a Winter Break?

Over the past nine years of homeschooling we have tried many different options. We have taken time off for Christmas, and we have fallen behind. Other years we have schooled through the winter, and we all were burned out by February. What is a homeschool mom to do?

winter break

With every post we encourage you to do what is best for your family! Ask yourself some practical questions of what a winter break could look like in your homeschool.

Is skipping 3 months of homeschool a brilliant idea if you want to finish by Spring? Probably not.

Are you ahead in some subjects and therefore you can keep a lighter “winter schedule” to enjoy a snowy break? Do it!

Is your 8th grade failing Algebra? Don’t shelf it for weeks on end.

Can you incorporate seasonal lessons into “Winter Schooling” activities? The Homeschool Scientist offers great winter lessons. We have also shared many sites that offer Free Lessons Plans

A lighter homeschool day is always better than no homeschool. Especially when you try to transition back into a full schedule after the holidays.

Traveling this holiday season? School on the road. Stop by the local historical spots or check out a museum (see if they have a reciprocal rate with your local museum). If you use computer based / online curriculum you can always pack a laptop and fire up lessons at night or even on the airplane.

If you do not feel comfortable taking a long winter’s nap and forgetting you homeschool – don’t take off! If you feel guilty not taking time off to enjoy Advent – do take off!

Always remember what is good for one homeschool family is not always good for every homeschool family. Most importantly … enjoy your family this winter season.


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