Special Thanksgiving Place Cards

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You do not need a big family dinner to make these wonderfully thoughtful Special Thanksgiving Place Cards! Small family meal, friends, or just the kid’s table … all you need is a little time and sincerity.

This Thanksgiving give a gift better than homemade pumpkin pie. I promise, your heartfelt words are better than the best pumpkin pie on the face of the planet!

Special Thanksgiving Place Cards

thanksgiving place cards

construction paper
laminating sheets
holiday cut out / shape

Step One: pick a holiday shape for your place card. A turkey, pumpkin, or fall leaf make great Thanksgiving place cards. You can grab a simple “template” on google. {here is the fall leaf template I use every year since we do not see fall leaves in FL}

Step Two: print your holiday shape and trace onto fall festive colored construction paper. I usually pick red, orange, and yellow.

Step Three: write the guest’s name on one side of the shape. Flip over the shape and write a few of their great qualities – the reasons why you’re thankful for them. This makes every other place card at every other event pale in comparison to the special treat you are giving to them this year! If you do not want to write a long winded note for every guest just list their amazing attributes. {kind, generous, honest, loyal, etc.} This is also great if you have your children contribute! Grandma will love seeing a grandchild’s handwriting sharing she is warm and loving!

Step Four: {optional} laminate your shape and cut them out of the laminating sheets. If it’s a small family meal I personally would not pull out the laminating machine. They’re just as sweet.

Step Five: place the shapes on each plate – name side up.

What a special treat, sweeter than dessert, to read the reasons why your host is “thankful” for you!

Keeping track of your child's homeschool work for you!

Keeping track of your child’s homeschool work for you!

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