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Pinterest has become a great resource for homeschoolers. Are you following any Pinterest Homeschool Boards? We have a board you can start following: AppleCore on Pinterest.

Pinterest can also be a bit intimidating.

You have access to more ideas, but then access to ideas you know you could never pull off even if the fairy homeschool godmother showed up and helped.  Knowing what you are capable of attempting, and what you just think is “nice” is key to navigating Pinterest.

Our favorite Pinterest Homeschool Boards:

* Ultimate Homeschool Board ~ over 190 contributors you can find just about anything here.

* Science Experiments ~ The Homeschool Scientist is sure to know the best ones!
* Free Art Tutorials & Lessons ~ Hodgepodge provides amazing tutorials.

* Free Writing Prompts ~ WriteShop offers great activities for all types of writers.

* Middle School ~ IHN brings 20+ contributors to help with the middle school years.

* Preschool and Kindergarten ~ Homeschool Creations is an expert for these fun years.

* Montessori Activities ~ With over 1 million followers Deb Chitwood loves to share these resources.

Follow these great boards for inspiration! Most importantly, do not feel discouraged. Be realistic about your resources, space, clean up time, and children’s interests. Go at your own pace and enjoy the quality time not the final outcomes.

Stef Layton
Stef Layton started homeschooling in 2008. Her heart is set on intentional parenting and building strong family relationships. She is a columnist for Homeschooling Today Magazine.

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