Homeschooling, Where Do I Start?

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So you are new to homeschooling and you don’t know where to start?  Well join the club!  I think most of us have been there.  Just relax and let’s get you started in the right direction so that you can choose which path is right for you and your children.

    • Homeschool Laws in Your State

      Homeschool laws vary from state to state so you want to make sure you know how the laws will pertain to you and your homeschool style. Homeschool  Legal Advantage does a great job of listing the laws in an easy to read manner.  Homeschool Legal Advantage also provides a sample homeschool letter of withdrawl for you to use if necessary.


    • Find a Homeschool Group That You Can Connect With

      Getting involved with a homeschool group is so important.  The homeschool families in your group will encourage you and help you along this fun but sometimes crazy adventure of homeschooling. You can check to see if your church or parents you meet at the park or library know of groups in your area.  You can also check online.  Homeschool World has a large database of homeschool organizations listed by state. Remember, if you aren’t able to find a group in your area you can always join a group online.  A few you may want to check out are:  The Homeschool Lounge , Homeschool World or


    • Start Reading

      Read books about homeschooling.  There are some great ones out there.  Here are a few you may want to look at:

      Homeschooling for Dummies  Ultimate Book  Homeschool For Free  Well Trained Mind  Special Needs  Kindergarten


  • Choose Your Curriculum Or Create Your Own

    Each homeschooler is unique and there are so many different curriculum choices.  I would recommend attending a homeschool convention in your area so that you can look through the different curricula that is available to you.  Or, you can invite a fellow homeschooler over for lunch and ask that them to bring their curricula so that you can look through it.

I hope  this article has given you a starting point on homeschooling your children.  Homeschooling is a great journey that should be enjoyed by you and your family.  So just sit back, breathe and have fun!



Jennifer Parkerson is a homeschooling mom of two energetic boys. She and her husband Tyler incorporate travel and hands-on learning into their children's education as much as possible.

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