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Don’t Miss Your Only Chance to Save On These Homeschool Bundles

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The Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale Has Begun!
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This is your chance to save on some really great curriculum and resources.

Here are just a few of the BYB details:

  • You have the option to choose one or all of the 15 bundles that are available.
  • You have the option to build your own bundle.
  • When you buy 2 bundles you will receive 1 for FREE!!
  • When you make a purchase you will receive a FREE Bundle of Bonus Books.
  • This sale lasts for one week only, May 16 – 23.

What do you need to do? Grab a cup of coffee, take a look at the BYB site, and start planning your savings strategies now!

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Free Lesson Plans!

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Free Lesson Plans!

I appreciate great companies offering educators help. Some days as a homeschool mom – I need all the help I can get! Pinterest offers such great ideas, but there are days I’d like a little hand holding.

With just a few searches I can usually find exactly what we need. I found these 10 companies who offer Free Lesson Plans and couldn’t wait to share them with you!

free lesson plans

Free Lesson Plans:

* Smithsonian – after just getting back from an amazing trip to DC, I love the Smithsonian offers lesson plans.

* Crayola – check out their “educator section” and use their lesson plans.

* Magic Tree House – such great adventure stories with real facts and easy to find in your local library!

* Magic School Bus – “The Frizz” makes science fun with these activities.

* Wild Kratts – teach your young animal lovers with these wild lesson plans.

* Liberty Kids – these activities are perfect for hands-on history time.

*Wikki Stix – I still can’t believe how many great lesson plans are offered here.

* NASA – just a few but still too cool to say you’re using NASA lesson plans.

*The Met – Make art fun with The Metropolitan Museum of Art lesson plans.

* DK Find Out – sign up for free to compile your own lesson plan with DK Eyewitness’ resources.

Wonder if your favorite company offers lesson plans? Simply google “{your company’s name} lesson plans” or “teacher activities”. You might be surprised what you find. Happy planning!


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Card Games Build Math Skills

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Card Games Build Math Skills

We have always loved playing cards. Even more so when I know card games build math skills!

card games build math skills

If your students are feeling a bit allergic to their math books change up the day and thrown down the playing cards. You can find many math skills in every common card game!

52 Pick Up – Counting
Go Fish – Matching
Solitaire – Number Sequence
Gin / Rummy – Matching, Adding, Subtracting
Black Jack – Adding, Subtracting
War – Greater Than Less Than Equal To

For a new spin on War, try our game, Addition War.
addition war
Watch our Hands-On Activities Video to see how to play the game by adding two cards to find the winner.

You can pick up a deck of cards just about anywhere! I especially like playing card games on vacation. The boys laugh we left our school books behind while I giggle they are still doing Math.

Tip: do not play cards when you are in a rush to do something else. When I get into a rush I usually add up points for my children and this completely defeats the purpose!

I have noticed my boys’ math skills are kept sharp when we are playing card games over the summer. We have far less “review” work to complete when we try to get back into the school groove after the summer.


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Are We There Yet?

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You might be feeling like this has been the longest homeschool year ever. Are you wondering, are we there yet?
Most of us start to see a little glimpse of the end of the homeschool year finish line. But we still wonder ~ did we do enough?

are we there yet

Take a few days this month to look over any projects, activities, or field trips you might have missed. The ones you thought would be an excellent idea at the beginning of the year but … life happened.  Try to plan them for some time in May. If it was a seasonal holiday trip you missed push it forward to next year’s plans.

If you are registered as homeschooling under your county double check to see what is required. Know testing dates, evaluation requirements, etc. If you need a certified teacher evaluation, schedule it before they are booked. Now is a great time to compile that list of curriculum, reading books, completed projects, and field trips.

This time of year my boys always bubbled over with anticipation for Summer Break. But it’s just not time to slack off yet. Keep your homeschoolers engaged with spring activities. This Hands-On Spring Series at Homeschooling Today has been very interesting and a great way to incorporate some science.

And if you’re not too exhausted of curriculum or planning ~ be sure to check out Spring Sales! Save now on next year’s products. Compass Classroom is holding a Great Teachers Sale April 6th-13th!

compass classroom
this post contains affiliate links

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Go Wild with Language Arts Lessons

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I am a word lover, so it pains me to admit … not everyone grows excited over language arts lessons. I won’t even mention diagramming sentences in fear of you not finishing this read.

If Language Arts is your students favorite subject or not, You can go wild with Language Arts Lessons!
go wild with language arts lessons

Best Language Arts purchase: MadLibs! MadLibs have turned our boring circle the subject underline the verb worksheets into laughter, tears, and enjoyment. Granted, there are days we have to work on eliminating “stinky” from every MadLib, but you can always find interesting themed MadLibs at the bookstore!

Grow Language Arts with stories! Once MadLibs brought a little more interest into our Language Arts lessons we moved right into Superhero Stories. At first they were just drawings, so I encouraged my hero lovers to start making comics. They would draw in little boxes and then write a description under each box. Without them realizing it, they were quickly adding “colorful descriptive words” and “exciting action words” to their comics. The comics easily turned into one page papers and then short stories. Not feeling creative? Print Free Writing Prompts from WriteShop.

Are you teaching a mover and a shaker? Well shake it off and act out those short stories. Or teach adverbs by doing them. How did the gorilla walk across the jungle? “Show me how a gorilla runs … now what words describe that?” These role playing opportunities offer physical children the ability to act the movements and then write about them later! {if you have props include them}. Be sure to give clear instructions before role playing. For example my boys were devastated we had to stop light saber fighting to write about an action battle. You might also want to set a time limit on role playing.

Need a hands-on activity for your tactile learner? Try my Adjective Challenge! All you need: flash cards, clothes pins, and a sharpie marker! Your hands-on learner will literally “add” colorful adjectives (clothes pins) to a noun (flash card). You can do the same activity with adverbs.
language arts activities
Watch this 2-minute video for details! Hands-On Activity Adjective Challenge.

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Pinterest Homeschool Boards

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Pinterest has become a great resource for homeschoolers. Are you following any Pinterest Homeschool Boards? We have a board you can start following: AppleCore on Pinterest.

Pinterest can also be a bit intimidating.

You have access to more ideas, but then access to ideas you know you could never pull off even if the fairy homeschool godmother showed up and helped.  Knowing what you are capable of attempting, and what you just think is “nice” is key to navigating Pinterest.

Our favorite Pinterest Homeschool Boards:

* Ultimate Homeschool Board ~ over 190 contributors you can find just about anything here.

* Science Experiments ~ The Homeschool Scientist is sure to know the best ones!
* Free Art Tutorials & Lessons ~ Hodgepodge provides amazing tutorials.

* Free Writing Prompts ~ WriteShop offers great activities for all types of writers.

* Middle School ~ IHN brings 20+ contributors to help with the middle school years.

* Preschool and Kindergarten ~ Homeschool Creations is an expert for these fun years.

* Montessori Activities ~ With over 1 million followers Deb Chitwood loves to share these resources.

Follow these great boards for inspiration! Most importantly, do not feel discouraged. Be realistic about your resources, space, clean up time, and children’s interests. Go at your own pace and enjoy the quality time not the final outcomes.

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