15 Activities to Make Apples Fun

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An apple a day keeps … the homeschooler at play.  It’s officially fall which means it’s apple season. Now that apples are going to be less expensive why not grab an extra bag for a few educational apple activities?!

15 activities to make apples fun

15 Activities to Make Apples Fun

1. Take a trip to your local apple orchard.
2. Taste test apples – learn about the sense of taste and the tongue.
3. Sketch an apple’s “life cycle”.
4. Read: The Apple and The Arrow.
5. Compare apple seeds to other fruit seeds.
6. Find out if apples sink or float.
7. Label the parts of an apple.
8. Learn about Johnny Appleseed.
9. Make an erupting apple. (cut out the inside and mix vinegar w/ baking soda)
10. Read, Ten Apples Up On Top.
11. Make faux stained glass apples.
12. Create apple stamps with apple halves and paint an apple tree.
13. Discover the history of apples. (dating back to 1400’s – long before Johnny Appleseed)
14. Learn about circumference by measuring an apple.
15. Use as many adjectives as you can to describe an apple.

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