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It’s Not To Late To Enjoy Their Summer

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Homeschool Helps, Parenting | 0 comments

So often we foc20-ideas-summersm2us on our children’s fun during the summer. Yet what my boys remember most are the fun things we did together. Sure, the Slip ‘N Slide purchase was awesome. But who will ever forget when mommy tried to slide down the mat but got stuck instead?

Summers are for children, sure. Do we dare enjoy the summer with our children rather than just ordering them outside?  The bible mentions “child-like faith“, can we have some “child-like fun” before the summer ends?  Make a memory this summer and surprise your children. Join them!

20 Ideas to Enjoy their Summer (I double dog dare you)

  1. play a game of Nerf war
  2. go down the Slip ‘N Slide (at your own risk)
  3. throw some water balloons
  4. cannonball
  5. climb into the fort with snacks
  6. stay up late to watch for shooting stars
  7. declare early pajama movie night
  8. skip rocks
  9. jump off a swing
  10. play catch
  11. light sparklers (it doesn’t have to be a holiday)
  12. eat s’mores
  13. play Hide and Go Seek – and hide!
  14. read a favorite book (check out our book list!)
  15. go for a bike ride
  16. catch fireflies
  17. make mud patties
  18. play flashlight tag
  19. play their game (for my boys this means Super Smash Bros WiiU)
  20. go out for ice-cream

Parents can enjoy their children. You can enjoy a summer break with them too. The laundry will always be there. The dishes will get dirty in a few hours. But these summer days are flying by … a little fast for me. There are only so many games of Guess Who left before the little one no longer wants to play it. Don’t miss out on these opportunities.

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