Homeschool Resolutions

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Planning on ringing in the new year with some new goals? This year you might consider including a few Homeschool Resolutions to your list.

homeschool resolutions
Change during the homeschool year can feel very overwhelming, yet a few Homeschool Resolutions are easy to implement at the start of the new year.  Spend some quiet time this month evaluating how your school year has been.

Homeschool Reesolutions

A few questions that might help:
Are you happy with the flow of your day?
Are you satisfied with your curriculum? (if not here are a few signs to tell if It’s Not Working).
Do you need any new resources?
Is your filing system backed up? Maybe AppleCore can help!
Do you need to incorporate supplements?
Are you looking for an Easier Homeschool Day?

homeschool resolutions
Ask your children if they have any resolutions they want to start. This is the perfect opportunity to “open the floor” and see how they are liking their homeschool year. And yes, they still have to do Math.

Many years ago I wanted to ask my son what he thought about our homeschool, but I was terrified to hear his answers. Maybe he wanted to go to public school? Or dissect a frog! I prayed for an open mind and loving heart to hear his.  To my surprise all the boy wanted was to get outside more. “Maybe have a picnic”, he asked quietly.  Eating lunch outside was an easy resolution to follow through on too!

I encourage you to listen without taking their suggestions personally. You are not a failure. You are doing a great job just because you are willing to be flexible and do what’s best for your homeschool!  Once you hear them ask them how you both can implement their ideas. Work together to create your new homeschool resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Stef Layton
Stef Layton started homeschooling in 2008. Her heart is set on intentional parenting and building strong family relationships. She is a columnist for Homeschooling Today Magazine.

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