Homeschool Moms, What Do You Think About Applecore?

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We have joined with iHN and their team of talented bloggers to provide you with reviews and suggestions on how you can use Applecore, Online Grade Reporting,  throughout your homeschool journey.

Read what they have to say below and be sure to visit their websites as they are each great home school resources that will help you and your family as you homeschool.  Each site also contains a discount code that you can use towards your Applecore membership. *Hooray!*

Applecore was the solution I needed.  Everything is in one place: grades, schedule, attendance.  Year after year of education goes into the same system and any combination of years or semesters can be called up and printed any time.”  ~Simply Homeschool Living

“Having a system that helps me stay organized has given my homeschool mom worry a little relief.  I feel confident that I will be able to prepare professional reports and transcripts for each of the boys as they need them.” ~themommymess

“A better record-keeping system” ~Serving Joyfully

“It keeps mom organized so you don’t have to go hunting around for planners or important pieces of paper that can show up missing when you need it most.” ~Demetria at Christian Homeschool Moms

“It’s the keeper of the overall picture of your student’s homeschool experience.” ~Blog, She Wrote

Applecore has created a fabulous system to keep grades, attendance, portfolios, and records of all your kids.” ~Teach Beside Me

“With most things planning related going digital now, Applecore is an amazing program to use to take your homeschool planning to the next level.” ~A Diligent Heart

“[Favorite feature] The ease of setting up a regular routine, makes it easy to keep track of what subjects need focus and the days they will be focused upon. ~Great Peace Academy

“Applecore’s simplified approach gives you exactly what you need, with nothing you don’t to keep homeschool record keeping simple and stress-free! ~Sam’s Noggin

“…I think the biggest benefit to Applecore is that everything is stored in one place online, can be accessed, and printed. If I lose a paper, I can just print it again. If I were using a paper only system, a lost paper would be, well…lost. The online system is great for peace of mind for a slightly frazzled and forgetful mom like me.” ~Happy Brown House

“I chose this online record keeping system because it is very straightforward and simple to use and it will grow with us as our children enter high school.” ~Education Possible

Do you like what you’ve read? Then give Applecore a try and if you have any questions about Applecore, becoming one of our affiliates, or how your group can receive a discount feel free to email us at


Jennifer Parkerson
Jennifer Parkerson is a homeschooling mom of two energetic boys. She and her husband Tyler incorporate travel and hands-on learning into their children's education as much as possible.

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  1. I really enjoyed doing this review! I’m excited to have this resource in my homeschool. Thanks so much Applecore!


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