Make Easter Crowns

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Easter is the time to crown Jesus Lord of all! He is the King of Kings, so what better activity than to make Easter crowns leading up to Easter Sunday?! Here are Five Fun Easter Crowns we have enjoyed making in the past.

make easter crowns

Bend Pipe Cleaner Crowns or Wikki Stix
Any color pipe cleaners or Wikki Stix will work. My son didn’t want a pink crown so we chose green and yellow. Every king needs a gold crown!

Mini Toilet Paper Tube Crowns
This idea is from Truth in the Tinsel – it’s still great to use for Easter! Tiny crowns stuffed animals will love, just be sure they are dry before handling.

Build Lego Crowns
Hands-on learner will enjoy building their own 2D crown.
lego crown

Cut Paper Plate Crowns
There are a gazillion different types of paper plate crowns, pick one and cut it out!

Paint and Decorate Crown Templates
Print out any giant crown template and enjoy painting or coloring in the crown as well as gluing on some great bling.

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Easy Hands-On St. Patrick’s Day Activities and More!

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Easy Hands-On St. Patrick’s Day Activities and More!

If you are Irish or not you can enjoy easy hands-on St. Patrick’s Day activities with just a few resources. Carve out a bit of time to craft some rainbows and turn these masterpieces into educational lessons!

hands-on st. patrick's day activities
1. Build a rainbow with legos. Even younger children can practice learning ROYGBIV with larger Duplo blocks. Our friend, The Homeschool Scientist, shared: The Physics of Rainbows older students will enjoy.

2. Paint a rainbow arc. Simply cut a paper plate in half and paint the colors of the rainbow. For math lovers learn and memorize Angles of a Circle. Thanks to Five J’s, print this free flashcard set!

3. Paint rocks and arrange them into a rainbow. Study geology and learn about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. We love DK Eyewitness ROCKS book.

4. Dye shaving cream the colors of the rainbow for Bath Time Fun.

5. Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt. Find something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
You can grab my Rainbow Scavenger Hunt at CurrClick for free with this special link: Special AppleCore Discount {discount only valid March 1st – 17th through AppleCore website}.

More St. Patrick’s Day Activities!

* Build the country of Ireland with legos! Study the borders so you can build a 2D replica of the country. Be sure to include a lego flag: green, white, and orange bricks.

* Paint shamrocks. Use the end of a cotton swab to “dot” a shamrock shape. Read this great article by our friend Home With the Boys, St. Patrick’s Day and The Trinity.

* Read about Saint Patrick {wikipedia}. You can practice sharing the Good News with this great idea from Cultivated Lives, St. Patrick’s Day Good News Relay Race.

* Try a Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe, like this one from Simply Recipes.

* Play horseshoes. Horseshoes were a symbol of luck.

* Dye bath water green with a bit of food coloring.

There are plenty of great hands-on activities to try! TIP: Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to fit these activities in all on St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re anything like me, you might actually forget it’s St. Patrick’s Day the morning of St. Patrick’s Day ~ and I’m Irish!! Don’t stress. I’ve learned I like to do a few activities a day or two before the actual day of the holiday.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Homeschool Deals

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Homeschool Deals

Disclosure: This blog post does contain affiliate links.  

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are just around the corner are you ready?  Here are a just few that you should definitely consider.




We have really enjoyed WordUp by Compass Classroom.  Dwane Thomas is hilarious and makes learning fun for my boys and I.




Educents is offering 10% off and FREE Shipping on all orders between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when you use code GIVETHANKS at checkout. There are always great deals to be found at Educents!

Grapevine Studies is a fantastic way to encourage good bible study skills with your kids.  Its simple style of learning is fun and engaging for kids of all ages!



Brimwood Press provides a boatload of tools that you and your young historians will enjoy.  My son and I really enjoyed diving into their Western Civilization study.  The book Calendar Quest was a favorite for my son! Brimwood Press is offering 20% off their products with discount code BWPBFCM. Have fun learning about the past!

Header-OriginalBF Border

Applecore is an easy way for you to keep your child’s homeschool work organized and easily accessible.  Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday special will give you 50% off our Silver and Gold plans when you use discount code BFAC. Get organized today!

Have you found an extra special deal this season? If so please tell us about it. We would love to share in the savings with you!

This post contains affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the above links.

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Special Thanksgiving Place Cards

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You do not need a big family dinner to make these wonderfully thoughtful Special Thanksgiving Place Cards! Small family meal, friends, or just the kid’s table … all you need is a little time and sincerity.

This Thanksgiving give a gift better than homemade pumpkin pie. I promise, your heartfelt words are better than the best pumpkin pie on the face of the planet!

Special Thanksgiving Place Cards

thanksgiving place cards

construction paper
laminating sheets
holiday cut out / shape

Step One: pick a holiday shape for your place card. A turkey, pumpkin, or fall leaf make great Thanksgiving place cards. You can grab a simple “template” on google. {here is the fall leaf template I use every year since we do not see fall leaves in FL}

Step Two: print your holiday shape and trace onto fall festive colored construction paper. I usually pick red, orange, and yellow.

Step Three: write the guest’s name on one side of the shape. Flip over the shape and write a few of their great qualities – the reasons why you’re thankful for them. This makes every other place card at every other event pale in comparison to the special treat you are giving to them this year! If you do not want to write a long winded note for every guest just list their amazing attributes. {kind, generous, honest, loyal, etc.} This is also great if you have your children contribute! Grandma will love seeing a grandchild’s handwriting sharing she is warm and loving!

Step Four: {optional} laminate your shape and cut them out of the laminating sheets. If it’s a small family meal I personally would not pull out the laminating machine. They’re just as sweet.

Step Five: place the shapes on each plate – name side up.

What a special treat, sweeter than dessert, to read the reasons why your host is “thankful” for you!

Keeping track of your child's homeschool work for you!

Keeping track of your child’s homeschool work for you!

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