Curriculum Wars

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Curriculum Wars

If you are new to homeschooling or a ten year veteran … the questions and opinions about The Perfect Curriculum are endless! But be careful not to fall into the Curriculum Wars.  You’ve heard the conversations. Which curriculum is the best?

curriculum wars

Choosing the curriculum that is right for YOUR child is important. Being bullied into trying something just because someone else loves it does not mean it will be the right pick for you. Nor does it mean your choices are null and void!

A few years ago two friends were victims of the Curriculum Wars.  Homeschool Friend A couldn’t understand why Homeschool Friend B wouldn’t use Homeschool Curriculum C. So they stopped speaking to each other. One friend told me, “Well, you wouldn’t understand you pick all that “hands-on stuff”, but I know her daughter loves to write just like my daughter does. If she’d just use it I bet she’d have a better day.”

A word of veteran homeschool wisdom – do not push a curriculum war agenda! Sadly we do this about our diets, exercise programs, discipline style, bedtimes, sports teams, political candidates, and on and on. It’s word of mouth marketing – but we can become bullies. I have this soccer mom acquaintance who seems to think her opinion on every topic is right. Having a conversation with her is impossible.

Once you pick your curriculum – be faithful and use it for you. I promise it did not turn into trash overnight. And it sure didn’t become garbage because a friend does not use it.

It might not have worked for someone else, it might look intimidating, or it might have a bad reputation for not being difficult enough. That’s right, I still love Teaching TextbooksIf the stuff is a complete disaster, doesn’t work well with your children or your time … then chunk it. But you have to try it first to know.

Curriculum Wars

As homeschool moms we have influence. We’ve been doing this thing for awhile. Be careful what you do and do not recommend and how you recommend it. Not every family is like your family. Not every learning style is like your child’s learning style. Be gentle. Do not play the Curriculum Wars game.


Just this summer a new-to-homeschool friend asked for my opinion. I shared what I thought would be a good fit. She picked something completely different. I was not offended, nor did I tell her she made a mistake. I am still excited for her homeschool journey!

We should all be excited for each other rather than alienate the only people who actually get how hard it is to homeschool.

As new homeschool moms be willing to listen, but decide for yourself what will and will not work for you. You know your children. You are around them most. An opinion is nice, but it never should make you feel bad!

Do not feel pressured to try something just because “so and so” did it. When I first started homeschooling I copied the woman who introduced me to homeschooling. Her schedule, curriculum, and chore charts. I wanted to stamp out homeschoolers. It did not work – oh it so did not work for us!

You will find your groove and it will be great. Give your curriculum choice a chance and do not feel bullied into doing something different.  Then when you look back to help the next generation of homeschoolers be kind with your knowledge and we can all stop the Curriculum Wars!

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Don’t Miss Your Only Chance to Save On These Homeschool Bundles

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The Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale Has Begun!
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This is your chance to save on some really great curriculum and resources.

Here are just a few of the BYB details:

  • You have the option to choose one or all of the 15 bundles that are available.
  • You have the option to build your own bundle.
  • When you buy 2 bundles you will receive 1 for FREE!!
  • When you make a purchase you will receive a FREE Bundle of Bonus Books.
  • This sale lasts for one week only, May 16 – 23.

What do you need to do? Grab a cup of coffee, take a look at the BYB site, and start planning your savings strategies now!

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Homeschool Deals

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Homeschool Deals

Disclosure: This blog post does contain affiliate links.  

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are just around the corner are you ready?  Here are a just few that you should definitely consider.




We have really enjoyed WordUp by Compass Classroom.  Dwane Thomas is hilarious and makes learning fun for my boys and I.




Educents is offering 10% off and FREE Shipping on all orders between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when you use code GIVETHANKS at checkout. There are always great deals to be found at Educents!

Grapevine Studies is a fantastic way to encourage good bible study skills with your kids.  Its simple style of learning is fun and engaging for kids of all ages!



Brimwood Press provides a boatload of tools that you and your young historians will enjoy.  My son and I really enjoyed diving into their Western Civilization study.  The book Calendar Quest was a favorite for my son! Brimwood Press is offering 20% off their products with discount code BWPBFCM. Have fun learning about the past!

Header-OriginalBF Border

Applecore is an easy way for you to keep your child’s homeschool work organized and easily accessible.  Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday special will give you 50% off our Silver and Gold plans when you use discount code BFAC. Get organized today!

Have you found an extra special deal this season? If so please tell us about it. We would love to share in the savings with you!

This post contains affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the above links.

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Signs that the Curriculum Is Not Working

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We spend a good amount of money on curriculum each year, so naturally we want it to be a great fit for our homeschoolers. But what happens when it’s not? What are the signs the curriculum is not working?

curriculum is not working

1. Tears. When your child cries more tears of frustration than tears of joy, it might be a sign the curriculum is not working for them.

2. Anger. When your child is angry that they can not comprehend the material and start to withdraw or shut down, it might be a sign the curriculum is not working for them.

3. Confusion. When the lessons turn too long and produce more confusion than understanding, it might be a sign the curriculum is not working for them.

4. Miss. When the curriculum is not missed and everyone hopes it is forgotten for the day, it might be a sign the curriculum is not working for them.

5. Dust. When the cover accumulates more dust sitting unused, it might be a sign the curriculum is not working for them.

Keep in mind – one bad lesson does not ruin an entire curriculum. Press through the tough new things. My oldest son would say, “this is hard” and I would correct him, “no, this is new”. New naturally feels difficult.

However, if lesson after lesson you and your student are both miserable, why press through just to finish the book? You have the opportunity to try different things. Sell the curriculum and find something that fits their learning style! I always keep an eye out for Black Friday sales or random company sales if we are struggling with certain material.

Another thing mom, it’s not your fault. I would be so hard on myself thinking I was a bad homeschool mom because we tried 3 different math books in 2 years. Each subject, each book, each lesson is written by different people with different learning styles than your unique homeschooler. Do not take it personally. Find something that works and then enjoy the rest of the school year!

Keeping track of your child's homeschool work for you!

Keeping track of your child’s homeschool work for you!

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Finding the Perfect Curriculum

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Does the idea of picking out a year of homeschool curriculum feel as daunting as wrestling an alligator?  Do you feel like every purchase you make is going to be the wrong one and you will be shackled to something you hate? Wouldn’t we all love to wake up one morning to find the curriculum fairy dropped off the perfect books wrapped in smart ribbons?

How do we go about finding the perfect curriculum?

First we need to realize that our homeschool is different than our neighbor’s homeschool and it’s different that our best friend’s homeschool too. What might be the perfect fit for them does not mean it’s the perfect fit for you. One size curriculum does not fit all.  The reason is simple ~ our children are different.

finding the perfect curriculumfinding the perfect curriculum

My boy’s best friends like the same things they like. They get along because they all love Minecraft, being loud, running fast, and getting dirty. But not all boys learn the same. I can generalize that most young girls like princesses, books, cooking, and tutus.  Yet I know not all girls learn the same.

Tips to Finding the Perfect Curriculum
1. Know how your child learns best.
Be an observer of your child and understand how they process information.  Keeping their “learning style” in mind as a filter to sift through the endless amount of curriculum choices.

Questions to ask ….
If your child is visual: does this curriculum offer enough images, maps, graphs, etc.? Will I have to find, print, or buy additional visuals? If so, do I want to do that?

If your child is tactile: does this curriculum offer enough hands-on activities? Will I have to find, create, or buy manipulatives? If so, do I want to do that?

If your child is auditory: does this curriculum offer enough music, books on tape, read-alouds, etc.? Will I have to buy music, read-alouds, or other supplements? If so, do I want to do that?

If your child is kinesthetic (mover): does this curriculum offer enough opportunities to move, play, or act out lessons?  Will I have to search for creative play ideas to incorporate into lessons? If so, do I want to do that?

2. Know how you like to teach.
Do you like creating your own lessons? Do you want something complete? Do you need a strict schedule? Do you like piecing it all together?  These are important questions to ask because you are the teacher.

3. Read curriculum reviews.
Homeschool blogger reviews are a blessing to the homeschool community. These bloggers have taken the time to use the products and share their honest opinions.  After you narrow down your curriculum search be sure to read more than one review on that product.  Make sure the reviewer has shared how the curriculum worked for them and any ways it did not.

4. Know your budget.
I believe it is imperative to know how much you are willing to spend on curriculum before you purchase one book. When you find curriculum you love price it out. Is it cheaper online or at your local convention? Can you find it cheaper through a distributor {Amazon, Christian Bookstore, Educents, Rainbow Resources, etc}?  Contact the curriculum company and ask if they offer any sales throughout the year. Purchase curriculum during their sales.

Finding the perfect curriculum is not impossible when you observe how your child learns best, know how you like to teach, have read valuable reviews, and set your curriculum budget.

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