Are We There Yet?

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You might be feeling like this has been the longest homeschool year ever. Are you wondering, are we there yet?
Most of us start to see a little glimpse of the end of the homeschool year finish line. But we still wonder ~ did we do enough?

are we there yet

Take a few days this month to look over any projects, activities, or field trips you might have missed. The ones you thought would be an excellent idea at the beginning of the year but … life happened.  Try to plan them for some time in May. If it was a seasonal holiday trip you missed push it forward to next year’s plans.

If you are registered as homeschooling under your county double check to see what is required. Know testing dates, evaluation requirements, etc. If you need a certified teacher evaluation, schedule it before they are booked. Now is a great time to compile that list of curriculum, reading books, completed projects, and field trips.

This time of year my boys always bubbled over with anticipation for Summer Break. But it’s just not time to slack off yet. Keep your homeschoolers engaged with spring activities. This Hands-On Spring Series at Homeschooling Today has been very interesting and a great way to incorporate some science.

And if you’re not too exhausted of curriculum or planning ~ be sure to check out Spring Sales! Save now on next year’s products. Compass Classroom is holding a Great Teachers Sale April 6th-13th!

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